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We are a newly formed company in the country with a highly professional young team with more than 20 years of experience, dedicated to produce and distribute buttons, zippers, and textile accessories.

We work internationally with a European influence.

Our objective is to take care of and protect the environment in all our production processes using recycling and ecological materials, with a teamwork that support our social responsibility program.

Our products show the latest designs, styles, and innovations in the market.


All natural materials we use come
from organic wastes and we give
them new life with the advantage
of being biodegradable and not
contaminating. We try to protect
our natural resources in each step
we take.


Our ecological materials
are made through a production
system that combines chemical
and waste-free environmental
products and processes while
preserving natural resources.

Our products show the latest designs, styles, and innovations in the market.
In Turquoise, we have professionals who combine their experience with the new technologies
to adapt our products to recent trends.

We have more than types in products of all kinds of materials, sizes, and colors.

We offer more than materials between natural, metallic, polyester and polyamides.

We work with national and international clients in more than countries.

Güngören İlçesi, Sanayi Mahallesi, Atatürk cad. No:51/3
A/4 Blok B1 155

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